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Steel-side Waterstop

Steel-side Waterstop


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2016-08-24 04:57:56
$ 13.00
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Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd. [ Gold ]
Categories: Home > Chemicals > Rubber & products
Application of steel-side waterstops:

They are widely used for water conservancy projects.
They are used for dams, bridges, tunnels, culverts and canals.
They are used for underground engineering.
They are used for basement of buildings and retaining walls.
They are used for water tanks and waste water treatment facilities.
Package of steel-side waterstops: they are mainly packed in rolls, in woven bags.
Features of steel-side waterstop:

Good elasticity.
High strength.
Resistant to corrosion and rust because of galvanized steel plates.
Easy installation and firm fixation because of mounting holes.
Resistant to water.
Resistant to abrasion and chemicals.
Steel-side waterstops can be divided into many kinds according to shapes of rubber area, and some of them are shown below. Besides, we can manufacture steel-side waterstops according to customers' requirements. You can send drawings or samples to us, and we will manufacture products according to them.
In general, rubber has poor adhesion to concrete and rubber is soft elastomer, so concrete is not easy to tamped in the pouring process. Therefore, rubber waterstop may loose or fall from concrete joint if it is torn or twisted, which makes water leakage in high water pressure conditions. This problem is more prominent for larger movement joints.

Steel-side waterstop, also called steel-edge waterstop, is the upgraded product of rubber waterstop. It can solve the problem mentioned above properly. It is composed of two parts: strength part and waterproofing part. Strength part is made from galvanized steel and waterproofing part is made from rubber, such as natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile rubber and EPDM. Galvanized steel plates are inserted into rubber sheets. Steel-side waterstop is designed with two functions: on the one hand, it can lengthen water passage distance and slow water leakage speed. On the other hand, galvanized steel plates have excellent adhesion to concrete, making steel-side waterstops bear strong tensile force and twisting force. Thus, waterstops will not loose or fall within expected deformation of concrete joints, which can improve the waterproofing performance. Besides, galvanized steel plates are designed of mounting holes connected with steel reinforcing bars, making steel-side waterstops fixed firmly with concrete joints. Steel-side waterstops are mainly used for dams, bridges, tunnels, culverts, basements, retaining walls, foundations, water reservoirs, swimming pools, storage tanks and waste water treatment plants.

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