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Rubber Waterstop

Rubber Waterstop


$ 13.00

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2016-10-20 05:19:26
$ 13.00
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Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd [ Gold ]
Categories: Home > Industrial Supplies > Rubber machinery
Rubber waterstop is made from natural rubber or synthetic rubber, adding various additives and fillers, through the process of plasticizing, mixing, pressing, forming. It has many species, such as buried rubber waterstop, back stick rubber waterstop, steel edge rubber waterstop, reinforced rubber waterstop, steel butyl putty rubber waterstop, P type rubber waterstop and rubber waterstop intersection. The waterstop has high tensile strength, good waterproof performance, good elasticity, can resistant to rust, wear, aging, tear, corrosion, can arise compression deformation under various loads. It is suitable for dams, reservoirs, subway, culverts, tunnels, sewage treatment plants, water conservation, subways, sluices, etc.
Material: rubber.
Buried rubber waterstop, such as CP type, CB type; 651, 652, 653, etc.
Back stick rubber waterstop, such as EP type, EB type.
Steel edge rubber waterstop.
Reinforced rubber waterstop.
Steel butyl putty rubber waterstop.
P type rubber waterstop.
Rubber waterstop intersection.
Width (mm): 200, 230, 250, 280, 300, 350, 400, 500.
Thickness (mm): 6-12 mm.
Length, width and thickness can be customized.
High tensile strength, good waterproof performance, good elasticity.
Rust, wear, aging, tear, corrosion resistance.
Adapt the deformation of concrete.
Can arise compression deformation under various loads.
Capable to withstand hydrostatic pressure.
Temperature range from -45째C to +60째C.
Non-toxic, not pollute the environment.
Can withstand a certain degree of bending and pressure.
Unequal thickness structure can ensure each part of the sections can get uniform and reasonable force.
Setting holes ensure the waterstop fix with the nearest steel bar convenient and firmly.
Easy to install.
Long service life.
Rubber waterstop is usually used in construction joints, settlement joints, deformation joints and movement joints to prevent water seepage and leakage, absorb shock, ensure the life of projects. It is ideal for portable water tank, water and sewage treatment facility, foundation, basement, subway, dam, canal, water reservoir, aqueduct, tunnel, culvert, parking deck, bridge deck, abutment, elevator pit, roof, floor slab, swimming pool, road embankment, retaining wall, underground facility, stadium, storm drain, etc.

Storage and package
Rubber waterstop should be stored in shade and dry environment, away from sunlight, water, moisture, high temperature, acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent, heat source. The product should be placed vertically, not be pressed by heavy things. The temperature range of storage place should be -10째C to +30째C, relative humidity is in the range of 40% to 80%. Package: 20 m/roll.
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