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Street Address : East industrial Zone, Anping, Hebei, China.

City : Hengshui

Country : China

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Selective Tips of Wire Contain

Selective Tips of Wire Contain


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2016-12-23 01:58:01
East industrial Zone, Anping, Hebei, China.
$ 10.00
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Boegger Industrial Limited-Wire Container [ Gold ]
Categories: Home > Minerals & Materials > Wire mesh
Description: How to choose wire containers? Choosing wire containers mainly depends on two aspects: one is the material of wire container, and the other is the workmanship of wire container. The main raw material of wire container is high tensile strength steel wires. Then we need to know the diameter and strength of those wires. If you need a heavy duty wire container, then the wire containers with thick diameter and high tensile strength is your best choice. And the workmanship focuses on the details of wire containers, for example, are there some lack welding or off welding in welding spots, or have the sharp parts been smooth processed. What should be considered when design wire containers? Factory architecture The available height under the beam. The position of beam. The condition of floor. The fire prevention facilities. The characteristics of stored items Item size. Item weight. The unit of storage. The total quantity of storage. The accessibility of wire containers The density of storage. First in first out. Reserve management. The seven principles for wire containers to play the role of warehousing Arranging the storage position according to the weight of items. Stack up as high as possible to improve the storage efficiency. Based on the first in first out principle. Items with the same species be stored in the same place. Choose the storage position according to outbound frequency. Face the channel for safekeeping. Decide the storage method according to item's shape. Operation details about wire containers Wire containers should not be exposed to the sunlight and avoid the erosion of wind and rain, avoiding the fall off of galvanized layer, which would cause wire container rust, aging, and reducing life. Do not throw the goods into wire containers from a high place. And the goods should be evenly placed instead of piling up. Wire containers with heavy weight goods should be placed on smooth ground or objects with flat surface. It is strictly prohibited to throw wire containers from a high place, avoiding the damage caused by violent collision. Wire containers should not overload.
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