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Street Address : Development zone in Jing county, Hengshui City, China.

City : hengshui

Country : China

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Bellow Cover

Bellow Cover


$ 500.00

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2017-04-11 08:36:51
Development zone in Jing county, Hengshui City, China.
$ 500.00
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$ 500.00
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Saton Industrial Limited [ Gold ]
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Bellow cover, also called flexible organ type guide rail protective cover, is one kind of machine shields. It is made of nylon cloth, plastic cloth fabric or synthetic rubber through folding.

There is PVC board inside to support the whole structure, so that it can endure high temperature, oil and cooling fluid. It can be fixed in your machine in different ways: internally, externally, vertically and horizontally.

The shape and size can be customized as per customers' requirement. For selecting bellow types, it depends on the operating conditions including mechanical and thermal strain on the bellows, as well as the type of chips and agents present during operation.

One machine tool protective cover is displayed.
BC-01: Bellow cover for protecting machine tool.It shows one black bellow cover with pointed top.
BC-02: Bellow cover for protecting guide ways.
Two U shape bellow covers, one is packed by green plastic rope, the other is not packed.
BC-03: U shaped bellow covers for protecting machined surfaces from accumulating dirt, chips or debris.The picture shows the rollers inside the bellow cover, which are installed on the plastic frame.
BC-04: Bellow covers with rollers inside.
There are three round bellow covers displayed, they have different sizes.
BC-05: Round bellow covers in black for protecting lead screws, precision shafts, moving cylinders or other irregular shaped parts.One alien bellow cover placed on the ground.
BC-06: Alien bellow cover can be customized at clients' option.
There is one tapered bellow cover, it is black.
BC-07: Tapered bellow cover.There is one bellow cover with metal plates on the surface.
BC-08: Bellow cover with metal plates on the surface.
This is one rectangular protective bellow made from rubber.
BC-09: Rectangular protective bellow is dust reliability, oil and grease resistance, heat resistance.One rubber disc bellow is displayed, and each rubber disk lies flat on the other.
BC-10: The rubber disk bellow is completely leak proof, excellent for pistons and spindles.
There is one square bellow cover placed crookedly.
BC-11: Square bellow cover with two head flanges.Four bellow covers, each one is packed by green plastic ropes.
BC-12: Bellow cover with special shape.
It shows the inside profile of one bellow cover, it is installed with the device that used for stretching.
BC-13: Inside metal structure for stretching the bellow when in operation.There is one black curtain bellow displayed on the ground.
BC-14: Flat bellow for machine tool, general industrial and medical use.
There is one bellow cover in irregularly oval shape, and it is installed with metal flange at the end.
BC-15: Custom tailored option - irregularly oval shaped bellow cover.One bellow cover that is custom tailored.
BC-16: We offer customer tailored bellow covers, the shape and size vary with each other based on different applications.
Many bellow covers are packed by plastic rope, and they are manual glued.
BC-17: Manual glued bellow cover in tapered shape, which is mainly used in camera and optical applications.There is one yellow bellow cover displayed.
BC-18: Various colors could be customized for different applications.
It shows the workshop of bellow cover, and one worker is inspecting the production.
BC-19: Bellow cover workshop.It shows the blue bellow cover installed on the lifting platform.
BC-20: Bellow cover is widely used for lifting platform.
Oil and corrosion resistance.
Handiness and good sealing effect.
No electric noise.
Withstand much weight on the surface.
No metal parts inside the cover, free of loosing parts that damage the machine.
Various shapes and sizes for choice.
Materials are selected based on the application or operating conditions. Common materials include nylon, polyester, synthetic rubber, PVC, PTFE, PUR.
Colours vary depending on material choice.
Packing methods are required as per customers' needs.
Protective bellows serve the areas of machine tools, general industrial, lifting tables, printing machinery, medical, drive protection, positioning, optical, etc.
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