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Brauner Valvet Tube Condenser Microphone

Brauner Valvet Tube Condenser Microphone


€ 1500.00

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Posted On:
2017-03-17 18:14:02
€ 1500.00
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€ 50.00
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Bank Transfer
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Hagelaar Musical Instruments [ Gold ]
Categories: Home > Electronics & Electrical > Audio & video equipment
Home > Sports & Entertainment > Musical instruments
Ultrasone Edition 8 Limited Edition Headphones-----700Euro
Soundfield SPS422B microphone-----1500Euro
NEUMANN U87Ai condenser microphones----2000Euro
Telefunken ELAM 251 Microphone------3500Euro
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Ultrasone Edition 5 Closed-Back Headphones-----2500Euro
Ultrasone Edition 8 Pall with Benchmark DAC2 D Bundle---900Euro
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Benchmark DAC2 D w/ Fostex TH-900 Headphones----1100Euro
AKG K812 Pro Headphones with Grace m903 DAC/Headphone Amp----800Euro
Audez'e LCD-3 - headphones----800Euro
Audeze LCD-XC High-Performance Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone---700Euro
Grado PS1000e Headphones---700Euro
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Headphones grado ps-500 ----800Euro
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Ultrasone Edition 12 Headphones----800Euro
Audeze LCD-X Planar Magnetic Headphones (Display Model)---700Euro
Audeze Headphones LCD-3 Zebrano - Suede (With Travel Case)---900Euro
Ultrasone EDITION8-PALLADIUM Closed-Back Luxury Palladium Headphones---700Euro
Beyerdynamic 5.1 Surround Headphone System with Headzone Head---700Euro
Benchmark DAC2 D w/ Fostex TH-600 Headphones-----900Euro
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beyerdynamic T1 Audiophile Headphones----500Euro
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Hifiman Electronics He-500 Over-ear Headphones With Ef-5 Headphone Amp--500Euro
Audeze Headphones LCD-2 Rosewood - Leather----500Euro
Sony MDRSA5000 Open Air Headphone Magnesium Frame Structure---500Euro
Grado Statement Series GS1000i Headphones----1000Euro
JVC HP-DX1000 Stereo Headphones---500Euro
Beyerdynamic Audiophile Portable Tesla Hi-fi Headphones---500Euro

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