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Emeritus Professor Gillian Gehring
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11 December 2009 Friday 03:54
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LG [ Silver ]
For many applications the approximation that electrons move in a solid independently of each other and the movement of the ion cores is surprisingly good. Really interesting phenomena occur when this approximation breaks down: this includes magnetism, orbital ordering and superconductivity. My work is concerned with magnetism and orbital ordering. Some semiconductors can become ferromagnetic when they are doped with magnetic ions. We study ZnO using transport and magneto-optics. My theoretical work is concerned with understanding these phenomena. The experimental work is given in the associated site (link to follow). Another interest is in the way in which sound waves scatter from objects to give a pleasing effect in a concert hall. This is done in collaboration with Professor Whittaker in Sheffield and a group led by Professor Angus at Salford. Since I retired I became an Emeritus Professor and hold a Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship and am devoting almost all my time to research. Recent theoretical papers include: Volume collapse in LaMnO3 studied using an anisotropic Potts model. M R Ahmed and G A Gehring, Phys Rev B 79, 174106 (2009) Theory of magnetism with temporal disorder applied to magnetically doped ZnO. G A Gehring, M R Ahmed and A J Crombie J. Appl Phys 105, 07E325 (2009) Pressure Induced Quantum Phase Transitions. G A Gehring, Euro Phys Lett 82, 60004 (2008) Monte Carlo simulation of growth of binary bcc structured layers. Rui-Qiang Zhang, Xiao-Hong Xu, Shun-Yan Zhang and G A Gehring, Phys Rev B78, 075419 (2008) The spin Frank-Condon effect. Ahmed M R, Gehring G A. J Phys Cond Matt 19 Art. No. 256208 (2007) Magnetic order and valency at La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrTiO3 interfaces. Zenia H, Gehring G A, Temmerman W M. New Journal of Physics 9 : Art. No. 105 (2007) A study of the optimization of parameters for pulsed laser deposition using Monte Carlo simulation. X H Xu, R Q Zhang, X Z Dong and G A Gehring. Thin solid films 515, 2754 (2006) Potts model for the distortion transition in LaMnO3. M R Ahmed and G A Gehring. Physical Review B 74 014420 (2006) The phase diagram of an anisotropic Potts model. M R Ahmed and G A Gehring. J Phys A-Math Gen 38, 4047-4067 (2005) Ab initio charge, spin and orbital energy scales in LaMnO3. R Tyer, W M Temmerman, Z Szotek, G Banach, A Svane, L Petit L and G A Gehring. Europhys Lett 65 519-525 (2004)
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